Founder Director


directorSt. Dominic Savio’s High School was established in 1982 by Late Joseph P. Galstaun who was a well known educationist, philantrophist and social worker. He started his teaching career in 1958. There were many hurdles he crossed before the founders witnessed the great joy and excitement of their own achievement. He was the nominated MLA of Bihar and then Jharkhand for three terms from 2000 to 2010.
The school started with a tiny beginning, the hardships at times seemed unbeatable but today the institution has achieved much of what the founders had set out to do. The school building, the science laboratories, the swimming pool, our fine teaching staff, the school campus all stand as witness to the hard work and sacrifices put in.In his words the success story can be summed up in these lines, “In a race only one runner receives a prize, but we are reminded that all those who finish the course are rewarded

The victor may receive a wreath of laurels, the one who has finished the course has the satisfaction of knowing that he persevered.. Life is like a race with ups and downs and all one has to do to win is to rise each time one falls, act with determination and finality.” To our teachers he said, “I say, think of the less gifted students who plods on relentlessly, the survivors of the tsunami who set about the task of getting their lives together, the terminally ill people who fight their disease with dignity and still manage to smile,our teacher who runs their homes and families and still gives their best and final fulfillment in a job well done. Think of the individualized attention that our teacher provides and how this differentiates a school from an ordinary one. We are proud of this legacy that we shall leave behind and hope that generations will build on this to set new bench marks.”

“These – years – old adventures, progress and achievements would not have been possible but for the support of those parents who entrusted us with the education of their wards and the remarkable loyalty of our staff, who have been with us through thick and thin. To them I express my appreciation. New generations will take our place but the spirit of adventure and the passion to offer our wonderful students nothing but the best must remain and go on. I may confidently say that what lies before you is the culmination of tireless dedication and ideas which are an integral part of progress, achieved through sacrifice and determination. As it is often said “A book not opened is nothing but a Block.”.